I just wanted to encourage anyone who is debating on getting images taken by Danuta. It is in my opinion something every women should experience. She makes you feel beautiful and comfortable as soon as you meet her. You will be stunned and amazed by her talents from the minute you start until the minute your book is completed. I was speechless when I looked at my images, not because Danuta photo shopped me into beautiful but because she captured my beauty through her camera. I will cherished my book for life. Treat yourself, as women we rarely do and when you are trying to decide on what images you want to keep, trust me when I tell you to purchase as many as you fall in love with. You will never regret having them and this isn’t something you do for yourself or a loved one very often. DO IT and have fun.

Miss M

I think every girl wants to have sexy photos and remember the body she had in your 20’s but it always takes so much courage to actually go ahead and take these photos. I can’t explain to you how sexy I felt during my photo shoot with Danuta. It’s not easy to reveal all those little imperfections that you try to hide everyday. I’m know as that innocent and cute girl so starting off with the Pin-up shoot was great but I really wanted to do some sexy photos and decided that Danuta was the photographer to go to for many reasons one being that she helped me love my imperfection I still felt beautiful and cute! But when I saw those photos I couldn’t stop looking at myself... who is that girl? She’s so confident, so beautiful... she’s me! My girl friends couldn’t believe it! Not so cute and innocent anymore! I’m so excited to show my boyfriend I just know he’s going to be speechless! I can’t stop looking at myself!

Miss A

Danuta is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I was a bit nervous at the thought of trying boudoir photography. Danuta’s amazing personality made me feel so comfortable! She is such a sweetheart, and her constant compliments and lighthearted conversations made the whole experience so special. She makes you feel like you are doing your very own Victoria’s Secret photoshoot! Her creative poses, lighting, settings and props make for incredible photos!! I absolutely LOVED working with Danuta. She is extremely professional, creative and a genuinely wonderful woman. The boudoir sessions with Danuta definitely increase your feeling of self confidence and personal beauty. I would recommend to any woman to go get her boudoir pictures with Danuta at Freezing a Moment Photography.

Miss E

An absolutely amazing experience! Every woman needs to do a pin up shoot! A great opportunity to gather some girlfriends, get you hair done and spend some time feeling like the sexiest woman alive! Danuta, you’re a photography GOD! Thank you for a fabulous session!

I want to thank you so much for such a FUN, FAB Day!!!! The Pin Up shoot was so much fun and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it and it was just a great experience for me!! I want to do it again for sure. I can’t wait to see the pictures too!! Thank you for making me see what a beautiful woman I can be.

“Wow I love them!... It’s so nice to do something different. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the photo shoot and the pictures! Thanks for making it so much fun!”

“Hey Guys! Just want to say you both did a FANTASTIC job! Not only did you manage to make me (the girl behind the camera) comfortable but you also managed to make it lots of fun! I’m only hearing great comments but most of all Chris loves it ;P Thanks again!”


“I had such an amazingly fun session with you ladies. Thank you !!! You made me feel on top of the world ♥. Cannot wait to see the photos!!!”
“In LOVE with my photo...cannot express how much u emulated the picture I wanted in mind. You captured the exact beauty I was striving for:)) Thank you sooo much. U remember my reaction right ??!! LOL”


“Hello Joanna. Yes please go ahead with the album. It is perfect. You and Danuta are the best!!! I am thrilled at the results. Your techniques using lighting, props and poses gave me results far beyond my imagination. You both have wonderful personalities that made it very easy and comfortable to be dressed as I was for the photos. It has been a very rewarding and positive experience. As I heard said during the shoot, “Holy Crap” lol. I could never be able thank you enough. You both made a special day for me so much more special with your humour, understanding, smiles and the results. Thank you so much.”


“I had the opportunity to have a pinup session done with the lovely ladies from Freezing A Moment Photography. These ladies made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and most importantly they made me feel beautiful. I had a great time with lots of laughs and that really came through in the final images. They set up a session that was suited to me and the results are photos that make me smile everytime I see them. I love the photos and the experience. Thanks ladies for everything :)”


Came across her back in the winter and finally had the courage to contact her and do a shoot at the end of the summer. It was my first time and I wa excited and abit nervous. When I got to her studio I was amazed with the work and atmosphere, she is truly passionate with what she does and cares very much for her clients and that is very important. She is very professonal and allows you to share ideas and work together to create beautiful work. I recommend anyone to do a shoot with her. You will not regret it. I loved my photos, she truly captures the natural beauty in all of us and I know for a fact I will be back soon!

With Love: Alex>>>a repeat offender! HAHA!