Tips Before The Session

  1. If you color your hair, touch up the roots no more than 2 weeks before.
  2. Don’t try a different hair cut! You may not love your images if you don’t love your hair...
  3. Make sure you wear loose clothes to prevent your body from any marks.
  4. Arrange for fresh manicure and pedicure close to your session day
  5. Your eyebrows should have a desired shape with a fresh touch up.
  6. If you plan on having your jewelry on, make sure it is clean.
  7. Bring more outfits than you think you will need.
  8. Avoid tanning so there is no visible tan lines on your body. Retouching tan lines is extra $30 per image.
  9. If you choose to wax your body, do it few days before.
  10. Avoid alcohol consumption the night before.
  11. Drink lots of water and get good night sleep.
  12. Don’t worry about how to pose... I’ll guide you throughout the whole session.
  13. Get a good night sleep…;)
  14. RELAX! You’ll have a lot of fun..;)

If you decided on using my beauty team 

  1. Moisturize your face as you normally do every day. Don’t put any makeup on.
  2. Wash your hair the night before as it is more manageable for styling.


  1. Make sure you have the right fit for your clothes.
  2. I can help you choose what to wear if you invite me to see what you already have.
  3. Dresses or tops should have flattering neck lines. Off the shoulders, V necks...
  4. Bring something you feel really powerful wearing.
  5. Go through your closet or go shopping...;) 3-5 outfits should be enough.
  6. Have at least one dark outfit, two in a light, pastel tones and one with some color.
  7. Your outfits should be elegant, ready for a night out.
  8. Please avoid strong patterns. The focus should be on your face.
  9. It is normal to arrive with a suitcase...;)